Set up your Breeze Account - where you will be able to give and set up recurring giving, you can see your volunteer schedule, and access the church directory, all in one place!


God is generous. We believe we can reflect his nature by being generous as well. God has given each of us time, talents, and treasures to worship him with and invest in His work on earth. Jesus teaches that our hearts follow our money and so it is important to invest our money in eternal matters so that our hearts are in tune with what God is doing. At Grace we believe that we are to be good managers of the money entrusted to us. It is through our regular percentage giving that we are able to do ministry both inside and outside our walls. "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." - Jesus (Matthew 6:21)



You can give online directly from a credit or debit card. Giving is secure and received through BREEZE, our new online giving system. It is NOT necessary for you to set up an account in order to give through BREEZE. However, by doing so, you can keep track of your giving while also saving time by not having to enter your card information each time. You can also designate to a certain campaign or need. You can also set up reoccurring gifts by selecting the options when you give. 

EXTENDING YOUR GIFT: We understand that with today's mobile society that online giving is a valuable and convenient option. However, be aware that, by using this option a 2.9% + $0.30 fee comes out of each gift. Providing this option for our church family is important to us, but there is no way to avoid these charges. You have the option of "covering" the charges with your gift. And the fees that we would normally pay will be added to your gift amount. If you would like to see your gift go entirely to the church, then check out our other options, including "Bill Pay". We also recommend that if you do give through BREEZE, that your gifts be more than $20.00.


Most banks offer a "Bill Pay" option for your checking account. You can use our information to set up a new "Payee". Follow your bank's instructions to add this information. Using this option allows for you to set up amounts and frequency of your gift right from your bank. The bank will send us a check from your account and the funds are deposited to Grace. There are no fees for this, unless charged by your bank. 

Use the following info to set up your Bill Pay option:

Grace Baptist Church  

5780 E Sahara Ave. Ste 150 I Las Vegas NV 89142


Bring your gifts on Sunday to be taken up during our time of offering.